Opportunity meets inspiration
We believe that opportunity and inspiration make for a great business foundation; and when led by passion, they create a benchmark that others aspire to achieve.

Gadoya Holdings began its journey in 1990 as a humble ten-person company led by the visionary Satish Gadoya. Armed with passion, he steered the name over three decades into the future, to become an enterprise that stands today amongst the most successful businesses in the region.

Yet, beneath the numerous accomplishments, the core still remains the same – passion and relentless zeal. Fuelled now by the next generation, Satish’s sons - Piyush and Sachin - are just as committed to continuing the family business with loyalty and dedication.

The results are evident. Gadoya Holdings boasts a network of 14 companies with a renowned name in industries such as electrical, plastics, engineering, travel, real estate, advertising and sports.

As with every success story, this is just the beginning. With a yearning to consistently innovate, Gadoya Holdings has always embraced change with open arms and moved with the times. Spreading its wealth of experience across new territories and providing cutting-edge solutions, the Gadoya brand has – above all – maintained relationships that have withstood the test of time.